PELtrap Insect Monitor Window Trap

A non-poisonous insect glue trap for capturing and monitoring a wide variety of insects using lures. The folding card trap uses a powerful banana-scented attractant that works on most crawling and flying insects.

The windows on the trap and the glue pad are so positioned as to force insects to commit to entry and prevent escape.

Self adhesive base prevents accidental movement in draft prone areas such as window sills. Supplied as two traps which can be used together or separated along the perforated line.

Insect Trap Dimensions (single trap): 64mm W x 62mm D x 40mm H

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PELtrap Insect Monitor Window Trap
P975-0012 975-0012
Pack Size: Pkg 30 Price: £4.95 ex VAT In Stock

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