Clothes Moth Trap - Demi-Diamond

Demi Diamond trap for Clothes moths (Tineola Bisselliella), to help detect potentially devastating infestations before they destroy vulnerable collections.

Plastic monitor body and trap pads need to be purchased separately

Clothes Moth - larvae can feed a number of materials which are derived from animals, for example leather or feathers, and not just textiles like wool or silk. This is due to their ability to digest keratin.

The Demi-Diamond chemical and poison-free clothes moth pheromone glue pad lasts for up to 12 weeks. Once a pad is either full or past 12 weeks old, simply remove and replace. The attractant in the pads is pheromone based using a slow release matrix technology providing maximum efficacy for a long period, whilst removing the need to place fiddly tablets on the glue pad itself. The patterns of triangular holes in the monitor allow easy access for moths, making the inspecting and checking of the monitors quick and easy. The monitor can be wall mounted, rail hung or placed free-standing to give you the maximum flexibility in placing the trap. The grid system may help provide clues to pinpoint where the infestation may be. Packs of 10.

Trap bodies are sold singularly with a minimum order of 5 units.

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Demi-Diamond Plastic Monitor Body only
P975-1055 975-1055
Pack Size: Each Price: £0.55 ex VAT In Stock
Clothes Moth Trap Pads for Demi-Diamond Monitor
P975-1010 975-1010
Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £6.75 ex VAT In Stock

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