Fabric Insect Trap

The most effective pheromone based Fabric Insect Trap in the world. The trap is used to monitor environments which have products made from natural fibres, for example precious textile and costume collections. This trap is unique as you can monitor a whole host of target insects including moths and beetles with a single type of trap.

Once activated, the trap works by releasing pheromones – airborne molecules that trigger a certain response in the insects – to attract the male before it has a chance to mate with the female. These pheromones are released at a steady rate across a period of 6-8 weeks. Male moths enter by keyholes on the upper surface, while beetle species crawl up the rough surface of the trap which replicates the crack-like harbourages they favour.

132mm Diameter, 30mm Deep.

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Fabric Insect Trap
P975-0338 975-0338
Pack Size: Pkg 5 Price: £43.25 ex VAT In Stock
Refills for fabric insect trap
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Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £43.25 ex VAT In Stock

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