Prosorb/Pelsorb Reconditioning Claypack 500g

Desiccant clay packs can be used to recondition Prosorb or Pelsorb when sealed together inside an air-tight container.

The bags of natural clay (bentonite) are contained in non-woven bags, dust-proof according to DIN 55473, can be re-generated many times at 110°C. Bentonite is an inert and non-poisonous natural mineral.

Bentonite can be used for drying at temperatures up to 50°C. The vapour uptake of bentonite is similar to silica gel up to an equilibrium moisture content of 40% RH. Above 40% RH, silica gel performs better than bentonite.

The necessary amount of desiccant bags can be calculated if you seal inside:
Polythene 0.2 mm, you should calculate a vapour permeation of 0.4 g/m²/day for moderate climate and of 2.0 g/m²/day for tropical climates.
Aluminium barrier can calculate with 0.1 g/m²/day regardless the climate.

The clay packs can be re-generated in any conventional household oven at 110°C, for 2 - 4 h. Fan ovens are ideal for this purpose. To check if your bags still release vapour place a hot bag an a cold mirror or cold shiny metal plate. If the bag still releases vapour there will be dew on the mirror immediately. Once the bags are cold you also can check with the humidity indicator strip 8% RH delivered along with the bags.

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Prosorb/Pelsorb Reconditioning Claypack 500g
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