Orange Indicating Silica Gel

Indicating Silica gel is a porous, granular, non-toxic and chemically inert amorphous silica with a high absorbent capacity.

As a desiccant, standard grades of silica can absorb 40% of their own weight of water. Because no visible physical change occurs when standard silica gel becomes saturated, we offer orange silica gel which changes to pale yellow when saturated.

Gel can be regenerated/reconditioned by heating, no special equipment is required, a domestic oven is suitable. The robust formula allows repeated regeneration, details on regeneration can be found in the 'Specification' tab below.

Use alone or add a 10% mix to standard gel.

1-3mm granular form.

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Silica Gel Orange Self Indicating 10 gram - Sachets
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Silica Gel Orange Self Indicating - Container
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Silica Gel Orange Self Indicating - Container
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Pack Size: 3Kg Price: £29.95 ex VAT In Stock
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The moisture sensitive indicator in this self-indicating silica gel changes colour from orange to a very pale yellow as the crystals/beads adsorb moisture. The desiccant will adsorb up to one third of it's own weight in moisture before becoming exhausted. There will still be a little capacity remaining when the pale yellow colour has been reached but this is a good visual indication that the silica gel needs replacing or regenerating. Regeneration (reactivation) can be carried out by heating the silica gel to a temperature between 120 - 150oC until the original colour has returned. A domestic oven can be used for this purpose. When regenerated, allow the silica gel to cool slightly (encourage the moisture that has been driven off to disperse – to prevent it from being immediately re-adsorbed), before storing in an airtight container until required for further use. Regeneration can be repeated many times before the crystals/beads become less useful due to the colour change being no longer apparent. The silica gel will though continue to adsorb moisture even when the indicator has stopped working. The ORANGE colour of the crystals/beads changes to PALE YELLOW (almost colourless) as moisture is adsorbed.


When regenerating self-indicating silica gel sachets, use only the minimum heat required to return the crystals/beads to their original colour. This will prevent the sachet material from deteriorating. Regenerating heat-sealed sachets can cause the seals to fail. If it is known that regeneration is going to be carried out, we can provide a stitched fabric sachet (the stitching being more robust when heated). When regenerating, try to place the sachets such that air can circulate around them, on shelves rather than trays and such that they do not touch the (much hotter) base or sides of the oven.


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