Masons Hygrometer

Masons hygrometers have been sold in vast numbers for decades to measure temperature and humidity and are in use in virtually every country in the world.

Housed in a yellow plastic case with lid and bulb protectors, the instrument has twin thermometers fitted over polished aluminium scale.

A detachable water cistern fitted to the lower case links the "wet bulb" to the water cistern thus providing both the "Dry" and "Wet" bulb readings.

Hygrometric tables, supplied together with a spare wick and full instructions are contained within the outer carton providing the user with all the necessities to accurately measure the relative humidity and temperature.

We are pleased to be able to offer this traditional instrument at such a low price, they are a proven way to measure humidity and temperature.

The measured temperature range is -5°C to +50°C and 20°F to 120°F.

Includes; three spare wicks - packs of ten extra wicks are available to purchase separately(952-2503).

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Masons Hygrometer
P952-2501 952-2501
Pack Size: Each Price: £13.50 ex VAT In Stock
Masons Hygrometer Spare Wicks
P952-2503 952-2503
Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £2.95 ex VAT Due in Stock

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