Padded Hanger Covers - Tyvek

Padded hanger covers give extra support when hanging historical garments, distributing the weight of the garment over a broad area. The smooth Tyvek covered surface prevents snagging. Tyvek spun bonded material resists the growth of mould.

  • Mould resistant Tyvek outer
  • Archival polyester filling
  • Reduces stress on garments

Wooden, metal or plastic hangers should not be used without a cover, direct contact could lead to acid migration and damage to garments.

These padded hanger covers are made from our own 1443R Tyvek and a filled with 100% needle-punch polyester felt, ensuring a conservation archival quality product. Each cover is hand sewn.

Hanging historic garments maybe appropriate for textiles in good condition, however fragile costumes should be stored flat in archival boxes, please see our range of archival textile boxes.

Hangers are not included, covers fit most common hangers.

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Padded Hanger Covers - Tyvek
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