Wonderflex - heat activated modelling material

Wonderflex and Wonderflex PRO is ideal for creating robust display mounts of almost any shape, unlike Fosshape, it contains its own adhesive.

The thermoplastic material is simply heated to around 70-80°C and can then be moulded to your desired shape. No solvents are needed and there is no drying time, the material is ready to use once cooled.

Wonderflex & Wonderflex PRO features:

  • Sets rigid once cooled providing a robust form which can even be drilled if needed
  • Bond multiple layers together for extra strength, will adhere to other porous materials such as wood, paper, fabric or foam.
  • Can be easily painted or decorated with other coatings
  • Mould into almost any shape, ideal for creating costume mounts and display props
  • Can be cut simply with a knife or scissors
  • Waterproof (hot water can reactivate and soften the material)
  • Long working time of up to 3 minutes and can be reheated for additional forming
Trial size sheets available see products below.

Supplied in 1092 x 1397mm sheets (1mm thick), cannot be rolled. Can be used with, or instead of Fosshape, see 'Recommended' tab below.

What's the difference between Wonderflex and Wonderflex PRO? Both types of Wonderflex can be used in the same way. Wonderflex contains a polyester scrim reinforcement, making one side textured. Wonderflex PRO doesn't have the scrim, which means it can stretch further and is totally smooth on both sides for a high gloss finish. Wonderflex is white, Wonderflex PRO is grey in colour.

How is WONDERFLEX different from FOSSHAPE? Wonderflex and Fosshape are both thermoplastics that use heat to activate them, but they are very different materials. WONDERFLEX is a firm thermoplastic sheet which becomes pliable with heat (heat gun, hot water, steamer) it has it’s own adhesive and will adhere to almost anything, once cooled it resumes its rigid state. Wonderflex can be reactivated and reformed. FOSSHAPE is a thermoformable non-woven-felt whose fibers compress and stiffen under heat and pressure, it will adhere to itself but for a more secure join stitching by hand or machine is recommended, once activated Fosshape can not be reshaped.

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Wonderflex 43"x55" (1092 x 1397mm)
P164-0800 164-0800
Pack Size: Sht 1 Price: £49.75 ex VAT In Stock
Wonderflex Pro 43"x55" (1092 x 1397mm)
P164-0700 164-0700
Pack Size: Sht 1 Price: £68.15 ex VAT In Stock
Wonderflex *Trial* Sheet 350mm x 360mm approx
P164-TRWF 164-TRWF
Pack Size: Sht 1 Price: £7.00 ex VAT Due in Stock

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