Water Barricade Cushion

Water Absorbing Cushion will be of real assistance in removing water and other liquids to protect valuable furniture, flooring and fittings when water ingress sparks an emergency. Can also be saturated and used as a sandbag.

  • PEL water cushion absorbing capacity is an amazing 20 litres.
  • Dimensions are 570mm x 420mm x 5mm
  • Can be used as a sand bag.
  • Requires little storage space, is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and is easily disposed of.
  • The tear-resistant outer cover contains a super absorbent material, which absorbs 20 litres ~100 times it’s own weight of 210 grams.
  • Once saturated the non-drip filling becomes gel-like allowing it to be shaped

The water absorption cushion absorbs flood water, fire fighting water, weak acids, alkalis, diluted solvents and mud-sand mixtures. Thanks to its high degree of heat resistance, the water cushion can be used close to any fire.

The water cushion instantly absorbs water falling from above while protecting the surface below it from moisture. If placed on furniture or carpets for example, the bottom of the cushion remains dry and protects objects directly beneath, especially useful in museums and stately homes. Part of the 'Just-in-case-case' disaster preparedness kit

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Water Barricade Cushion
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