Usu Mino (Kizuki) 11-12 gsm

Mino Japanese papers have been made for centuries, PEL carries one of the thinnest grades "Uso". The paper is made from Nasu Kozo, grown in Ibaragi Prefecture, which has a shorter fibre length than other Kozo.

The paper is natural in colour, strong and has a smooth finish.

Uso Mino paper is suitable for mending, hinging, backing and documentation because of their durability to light exposure. Especially good for mending since its fibres are compact and can be torn into a strong web. 11-12gsm.

Note: Many western users of washi papers use the name "kizuki" to refer to a Uso Mino and other Mino papers, however in Japan, "kizuki" is a general term for any 100% kozo paper.

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Usu Mino (Kizuki) 11-12 gsm
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