Archival Corrugated 'E' Flute Board

Acid Free, Lignin Free, Lightweight Buffered box or backing board, ideal museum specification.

The strength of Perma/Dur® E-Flute corrugated board makes it ideal for box making. E-Flute is half the thickness (only 1.75mm) of standard B-Flute (3mm) with nearly the same strength. E-Flute can easily be folded and cut.

  • Perma/Dur corrugated board
  • acid-free and lignin-free
  • alkaline buffered with 3% calcium carbonate added for an alkaline reserve in all three layers for maximum protection with a pH of 8.5.

This E Flute board is made of fully bleached virgin fibres and is very strong considering it's only 1.75mm thick ideal wherever a lightweight, sturdy board is required. An excellent choice for box making, print backers, picture framing or dividers and great for CAD box making machines.

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508 x 610 x 1.75mm
L612-2024E 612-2024E
Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £44.52 ex VAT Low Stock
762 x 1016 x 1.75mm
L612-3040E 612-3040E
Pack Size: Pkg 25 Price: £164.58 ex VAT In Stock
1016 x 1524 x 1.75mm
L612-3060E 612-3060E
Pack Size: Pkg 25 Price: £329.34 ex VAT Low Stock

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