Fosshape and Wonderflex

Heat mouldable materials for producing custom shaped mounts, supports and displays. Can be easily formed with wet or dry heat.

Fosshape: Fosshape is Oddy passed and a specially engineered polyester material that is fosshape similar to a thick felt in a raw state. The product, when applied with wet or dry heat, can be easily shaped over a form; it retains its shape once cooled, making it ideal for low-cost lightweight costume mounts. Fosshape is durable for indoor or outdoor use, extremely lightweight and even breathable. Read more here

Wonderflex and Wonderflex Pro: Thermoplastic material, when heated to around 70-80°C can then be moulded to your desired shape. No solvents are needed and there is no drying time, the material is rigid and ready to use once cooled. A gloss finish can be achieved and can be painted for display purposes. Read more here

Trial size sheets of each material are available to purchase on the respective product pages.

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