Neschen Filmoplast R - Heat Activated Paper Repair

Neschen Filmoplast R - Paper repair tape, 8.5 g/m2 light, transparent, technical Japanese paper with heat activated acrylic-acid free adhesive.

  • Paper is free of lignin & hemicellulose, with a high percentage of alpha cellulose
  • Adhesive contains no softeners, is ageing-resistant, colourless and does not yellow
  • Magnesium carbonate in the adhesive neutralises acids that may arise and migrate into the adhesive layer when paper fibres in old papers degrade
  • Adhesive provides good adhesion with high bending stiffness, even repeated bending will not loosen the seal, the sealing temperature must be over 100°C
  • filmoplast R is reversible and can be removed in water bath, with alcohol or heat (recommended).

Please refer to the processing instructions in our technical data sheet.

Fields of application: filmoplast R is the ideal product for preservation of modern papers and newspapers, retaining the paper character of the original. Due to the low thickness of the material, filmoplast R is hardly visible. The ageing resistance of the material was certified by PTS (Papiertechnische Stiftung München, Heidenau PBA-No.: 21.495/3). In order to invisibly repair tears, small rolls of filmoplast R can be used and sealed with a heating iron.

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Filmoplast R 20mm x 50M
P620-26200 620-26200
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