BEVA® Tex - Gustav Berger's 371

BEVA® Tex is a pH neutral non-woven polyester fabric which is coated on one side with Beva 371 (Professor Gustav Berger's original formula - Berger Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) adhesive.

It is designed for the conservation of works of art on paper, on fabrics and paintings. For guidance on how to use BEVA TEX please see specification tab below.

Beva® Tex is applied with low heat, around 65C to 70C, and is completely reversible. The dry application removes the risk of adhesives from spreading or dripping and can be applied to small well defined areas.

Available in Sheets, Size: 914mm x 685mm (27"x36")

Also available; BEVA Film, with the same adhesive formula on a polyester film (see 'Alternatives' below).

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BEVA® Tex - Gustav Berger's 371
P695-3TEX 695-3TEX
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Instructions for the use of BEVA TEX

A. Mending tears
I. Cut a strip of B EVA TEX to the desired width· and length. 2. Remove the MYLAR support. 3. Position the BEVA-TEX strip with adhesive face up under the tear. 4. Align the tear as desired. 5. Tack down the tear with a tacking iron at low temperature 65c( 150 deg F)

B. Hinging
I. Prepare a strip of BEVA TEX 2. Position the strip over the joint with the adhesive face down. Tack down with low heat

C. Mounting
I. For a floating mount of a work on paper, fold small rectangles of BEVA TEX in half with the adhesive on the outside. Slip the rectangles under the upper edge of paper and tack down. II. · For mounting on a mat window. position the work over the window and tack down the edges with strips of BEVA TEX.

D. facings
Occasionally it may be necessary to provide a facing for a watercolour or etching while the old supports are being removed. BEVA TEX is ironed onto the face with low heat. After the mechanical work is completed the facing is removed by dampening it or the back of the work of art with a hydrocarbon solvent. The adhesive releases and the facing is removed leaving no residue or stain on the paper

E. Paintings - Bridging tears
l. A straight or a right angle tear may need to be stabilised by bridging the canvas. This will bond the edges of the canvas and prevent movement and puckering after the painting is lined. With the painting face up the edges of the tear are aligned and a strip of BEVA TEX is tacked down over the tear. This holds the tear aligned and seals it. Turn the painting face up and apply a thin bead of Epoxy resin or ethyl cyanoacrylate on the tear. Remove excess adhesive to the level of the canvas before it hardens. A patch of BEVA TEX may be ironed over the repair to further reinforce it. This patch will not be visible from the front because the BEVA TEX is thin, flexible arid conforms to the canvas. The painting may then be lined and the facing of BEVA TEX removed with heat or hydrocarbon solvent. 2. For irregular tears such as flaps or punctures, the affected area is dampened with a solution of water and ethanol. It is then ironed with low heat to relax the paint and canvas. A piece of BEVA TEX larger than the tear is positioned under the tear. After aligning the edges of the tear, it is tacked down with low heat. Turn the painting face down and further secure the BEVA TEX over the affected area. The painting is now ready for lining and cosmetic wok on the surface.

B. Canvas Inlays
To prepare for an inlay trim the edges of the hole. Choose a canvas primed canvas that closely matches the original. Align the new canvas with the weave of the painting and cut a patch to the exact size of the hole. Place the painting face down and slip a piece of BEVA TEX adhesive face up under the hole. Then, position the patch in the hole and tack down the entire area. A bead of adhesive is applied to the edges and the excess adhesive is removed to the level of the canvas as above (1.). The adhesive serves to bridge the edges of the patch and hold the patch in the plane of the front surface of the painting. The painting is now ready for lining and finishing.

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