PEL Conservators Cleaning Machine

Conservators cleaning machine is a clean air work station manufactured for PEL.

According to research some 136 types of fungi are harmful to people and archives. Of these, 18 are thought to cause a range of irritations and diseases including disorders of the respiratory tract, the mucous membrane, even tuberculosis, and can possibly cause disorders of the liver, mycoses and abscesses.

The conservators cleaning machine gives protection from mildew-spores, fungi and irritant or toxic sub micron particulates.

Made from cold rolled sturdy steel structure epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance in RAL: 9003 white. 80mm diameter nylon castors with brakes and an impact resistant handle included.

  • Fitted with a particulate pre-filter 92% efficient @ 5 micron and a HEPA filter 99.999% efficient @ 0.3 micron for full protection.
  • The machine has proved invaluable when cleaning books that have been subject to poor storage, which frequently contain mildew spores that should be disposed of safely to reduce spreading. Safe removal prevents adverse affects to the health of the conservator, who has the task of cleaning items before being placed into archival storage.
  • Air is extracted from around the work surface. These air paths provide a containment airflow that will entrain any particles present during conservation procedures. Larger debris falls into a removable dust tray which is easily removable for regular cleaning.
  • The machine is completely mobile and can be wheeled to the required location to perform cleaning. Comes complete with operating and maintenance instructions.
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Conservation Cleaning Machine With HEPA and PRE Filters
P105-9010 105-9010
Pack Size: Each Price: £4,450.00 ex VAT Made to Order
Conservation Cleaning Machine HEPA & CARBON Filters 110volt
P105-9010-110 105-9010-110
Pack Size: Each Price: £4,220.00 ex VAT Made to Order
Replacement Pre-Filters for 105-9010 Cleaning Machine
P105-9012 105-9012
Pack Size: Pkg 6 Price: £110.00 ex VAT Made to Order
Replacement HEPA Filter for 105-9010 Cleaning Machine
P105-9014 105-9014
Pack Size: Each Price: £485.00 ex VAT Made to Order


  • Power Supply 220/240 & 110 Voltage
  • Power Consumption 500 watts
  • Volume Air Filtered 0.12m3/second
  • Dimensions 973W x 668D x 1005mmH
  • Work Area 911mm x 611mm

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