Archival Artwork Mounting Strips - Lineco 'See-Thru'

Lineco archival artwork mounting strips provide safe, hingeless mounting of artwork to mats.

Made from conservation quality polyester and acid free paper with a self adhesive backing strip.

Simply position the print or photograph in place and adhere strips to the mat. No adhesive ever comes in contact with the artwork, instead the art is "cradled" by inert polyester and is ready to be framed.

Both sizes can be cut to just the right size for a particular job.

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Clear Artwork Mounting Strips 4" (102mm)
L533-4015 533-4015
Pack Size: Pkg 60 Price: £12.95 ex VAT In Stock
Clear Artwork Mounting Strips 12" (305mm)
L533-4020 533-4020
Pack Size: Pkg 60 Price: £29.95 ex VAT In Stock

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