1066 x 711mm Clear Pockets 75 Micron (UK/US One Sheet 41" x 27" Movie Posters)

Clear archival pocket size commonly used for long term archival storage of large movie and film posters of the British and US one sheet size 40"/41" x 27". The Italian 'Foglio' (1000mm x 700mm) movie poster will also fit in this pocket.

  • Pockets are open on one short side
  • Overall pocket size 1066mm x 711mm (42" x 28")
  • 75 Micron Archival polyester
  • Ideal for 'One Sheet' film posters, maps, charts and prints

These archival polyester pockets are 25mm (1") larger than a 41" x 27" poster, allowing easier insertion, and a fitted 12.5mm border around each poster. One Sheet posters can also be 40" x 27" which will also fit these pockets. The static cling of the archival polyester material will keep the poster securely in-place once inserted. A box to store your collection in is also available, see 'Accessories to fit' below.

Our Movie poster sleeves and pockets are made from 100% archival quality, acid free polyester. These are glass-clear professional quality sleeves and pockets which are exceptionally strong, providing long-term archival protection and allowing regular handling and viewing. Polyester is the material of choice for museums and galleries worldwide due to being inert and acid free. Polyester will not turn 'yellow', or become brittle, and will not damage the artwork stored within unlike other cheaper plastic sleeves or bags that contain PVC.

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1066 x 711mm Clear Pockets 75 Micron (UK/US One Sheet 41" x 27" Movie Posters)
P565-4127 565-4127
Pack Size: Pkg 10 Price: £51.00 ex VAT In Stock
Accessories to fit P565-4127 565-4127
40/41" x 27" One Sheet Poster Box | 1085 x 730 x 50mm
P736-4127 736-4127
Pack Size: Each Price: £19.95 ex VAT In Stock

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