Film Cores

The flanges of a film reel may causing damage to the edges of film and forcing it to warp and curl. The best, safest way to store film is wound on one of these cores without a reel.

The cores are made of inert, archival polypropylene. Both cores have a 3" (76mm) diameter

  • Resilient, does not deteriorate
  • Made of polypropylene, resistant to acids and bases
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3" core for 16mm film container
P519-52030 519-52030
Pack Size: Each Price: £1.20 ex VAT In Stock
3" core for 35mm film container
P519-53230 519-53230
Pack Size: Each Price: £1.50 ex VAT In Stock

Dimensions Exterior & Thickness

519-52030 = 76mm x 46mm

519-53230 = 76mm x 48mm

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