Optivisor binocular magnifier

The precision Optivisor binocular magnifier leaves both hands free for detailed work and can be work over prescription glasses or safety eyewear. Lightweight and comfortable in use, designed for conservators or anyone that's performing close, accurate work, while keeping their hands free.

  • The high quality optical glass prismatic lenses are ground and polished to exacting standards.
  • Three easily interchangeable lens plates with magnification from 2x to 3.5x are available and can be purchased separately.
  • Can be worn over normal spectacles and tilt upwards when not in use.
  • Adjustable headband to fit comfortably with genuine leather comfort band.
  • Optional accessory, 'Optiloupe' easily attaches to either side of the Optivisor providing additional 2.5x magnification

VisorlightIlluminate your work area with the VisorLight, clip-on lamp designed for the Optivisor. Battery powered, the VisorLight adjusts on a central pivot allowing you to maximise light on the work area. The Xenon Laserbeam bulb provides 6000 candle power with up to 5 hours continuous use from two AA batteries. Battery pack is connected by a 1060mm cord allowing it to be placed on a worktop or clipped to a belt or pocket.

The Optivisor binocular magnifiers come supplied with 2x magnification lens. 2.75x lens and 3.5x lens and VisorLight lamp are available separately.

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Optivisor Binocular Magnifier with 2X Magnification Lensplate
P873-7744 873-7744
Pack Size: Each Price: £49.80 ex VAT In Stock
VisorLight for Optivisor Magnifier
P873-7742 873-7742
Pack Size: Each Price: £27.25 ex VAT In Stock
Optivisor 2.75X (Lens Only)
P873-7775 873-7775
Pack Size: Each Price: £35.25 ex VAT In Stock
Optivisor 3.5X (Lens Only)
P873-7735 873-7735
Pack Size: Each Price: £35.75 ex VAT In Stock
OptiLoupe - Additional 2.5x Lens for OptiVISOR
P610-0441 610-0441
Pack Size: Each Price: £13.95 ex VAT In Stock

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