UV Fluorescent Light Filters - Fits Strip Lights & Tubes

UV light filters for strip lights protect your displays and storage areas from the fading, bleaching and deterioration caused by the ultraviolet light from fluorescent lighting.

The film has a neutral grey tint which is less noticeable once fitted and reduces glare. The UV filtering film effectively blocks 99.9% of UV radiation from passing through, but still allows visible light through.

  • Engineered to fit the standard 1219mm (48 inch) fluorescent bulb, a single filter can be cut in half to fit 610mm (24") fluorescent tubes, Larger 2438mm (96") tubes will require 2 filters each.
  • Easily installed over existing or new fluorescent bulbs the material's natural curl and cling will keep the filter in-place, no need for adhesive
  • Filters last indefinitely, just fit and forget
  • Neutral grey colour with a smooth finish
  • 75 micron film

See 'Alternative' items below for film suitable for fitting on windows or display cases.

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UV Fluorescent Light Filters - Fits Strip Lights & Tubes
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