Warehouse Moth Trap (SP Locator dual moth trap)

Sticky trap for moths, the SP Locator for common warehouse moth detection.

The insects are attracted by the pheromone lure, enter the trap and are caught on the non drying glue insert on the bottom. They are easy to use and simple to fold and assemble. The low profile trap design is ideal for placement under or inside storage/display areas.

The SP Locator moth trap can be used as a tool for finding the source of infestations quickly and effectively. The trap is sold complete with a lure for both Ephestia and Plodia.

As a small, disposable trap it is ideal for use as a quick investigation tool or for any area where time increased monitoring is required to identify the source of infestations or for monitoring the effectiveness of treatments.

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Warehouse Moth Trap (SP Locator dual moth trap)
P975-1313 975-1313
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