Tosa Tengujo 11gsm

Tengujo Japanese paper is a handmade, 100% finest quality Kozo paper, with especially long, silky fibres that give the paper an almost woven look. The fibres are cooked with wood ash making this paper optimal for conservation use (haini).

Sheet Size: 790 x 540mm
Material: Japanese Kozo
Weight: 11gsm.

When these incredibly thin sheets are formed, the vigorous shaking of the paper making mould causes the water to dance splendidly. In the past, hundreds of people made Tengucho. However today there is only one family that can create it. This papermaking tradition has been handed down from Saijo Hamada to his grandson, Hironao Hamada, the 4th generation.

Tengucho is also another term for Tengujo

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Tosa Tengujo 11gsm
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